print("My name is Peter Javorkai")

I am a creative UX/UI designer with great business and design background.

I enjoy working with startups and brands by improving their products.

I specialise in product design, UX/UI design, visual design.

I ❤ coding and hacking things: HTML5, CSS3, ES6, React JS, Git, Heroku, Ruby, Rails

Some projects from the recent past


Fond of edgy electronic music? Check out remixmonsta created with Vanilla JS

Want a better grip on the household budget? This simplecalculatormight help.

Do you want to conquer Twitter? This simple Node JS bot can help you out.

Constant crave for shopping? WSTLSS will help you change your habits in a playful way (your bank account will thank me). Try WSTLSS, it's created with Ruby on Rails.

Not tired of music? Weekly mixes on React JS using the Mixcloud Api on Marmalade FM.

Startup looking for a simple but nice landing page template? Look no further, just click.